Monday, March 2, 2009


The world blanketed in snow is a clean slate on which to create: cardinals and bluejays came first today, then small, yellow finches. And then the flock of noisy blackbirds that clean out the feeders, but are still part of the design--black on white. Ying Yang. The balance soon regained. Walkways shoveled. Roads cleared. Power restored. But where would we be without the storms? Those storms that upend us and make us stop. Watch. Listen. A good story does this. It threatens. It rattles our doors and windows, forcing us out of ourselves and into communion with others, leaving us, together, to assess the damage. What a storm, we might say, what a story. . .


  1. I was enjoying the new white foundation yesterday as it was brighter than Monday. Walked around observing the new tree shadows appearing on the snow from stark branches, some massive but wonderfully detailed always running through my mind, how could I paint that to really capture what I'm observing? And the hush that was so comforting Tuesday had turned to the noises of man digging I rode home from the beach with no radio on so as not to break the peace.

  2. I was thinking about you on Monday, being able to enjoy the beatiful snow without having to worry about getting to work. Joy!