Monday, June 20, 2011

New Ground

My blogs have been few and far between this past year, but I vow to post more regularly. . . This spring we broke new ground on the flower farm. Fresh earth for happier flowers. But we are planting more and more native perennials so that we don't have to upturn/upset the earth every year. . .Let the flowers and insects and birds do what they do to disseminate the seed. . . Everything seems happier then. . . Though it is nice to have fresh earth to plant on, it has upset the balance of nature around here. . . The mocking birds (cat birds) are not happy at all. . . they are very territorial. They are taking it out on our four cats--dive-bombing them--and taking it out on us--screetching at us. And the deer come out at dusk and look at us in dismay. I believe they are worried that soon we will till all the fields and fence them completely off. . . Nature worries. Have no doubt. Tread lightly. Show respect. We are still learning. . .

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  1. Cool, this is really good for you guys.